Learning Theories – EDUC6115 – Week2 Application

New Horizons for Learning: This website is extremely comprehensive, very informative and easy to follow. It absolutely earns its position at the top of the Google search list.  It is packed with information about learning and, in particular, the ‘News from the Neurosciences” offers a plethora of articles and research information about the brain and learning, information processing theory, and problem-solving methods during the learning process.

Education World: This site is commercial so it’s intended to sell, and it is geared more toward K-12 education; still, it’s professional and informative and covers more material than just brain based educational strategies. The link here points directly to their brain based educational strategies page which has  a lot of embedded links to very informative articles and research. It’s easy on the pedagogy which is nice.

The American Society of Curriculum Development: This site is extremely professional and covers all areas of curriculum development, not just brain based learning strategies. The link here takes you directly to the ASCD section on Brain Based Learning which in itself is quite extensive; however much of the material is either for purchase or for subscription. I found this to be the case with most of the journals and websites I researched, either they were commercial (.com) and when not, they were by membership or subscription. Still, this is a rich site and worth joining.


Learning Theories – EDUC6115 – Week1 Application

Instructional Design by Example — This site has ID&T examples. Some are quite interesting. At the very least it shows a real-world side of what people are (and aren’t) doing with ID&T. I like the idea of being able to see first hand examples alongside the pedagogy. Other learners who assimilate information visually might find this blog useful as well.

Learning Circuits–This blog is engaging in that it is a conversation between some strong voices in the field. Not especially one I’d feel confident posting to but I think I’ll learn from it.

Big Dog, Little Dog–I’ve included this blog for the volume and variety of information attached to it. On the right there are links to other relevant blogs on Instructional Design and eLearning.  I’ve not yet explored it all but there is enough on the surface to warrant adding it to my blog reader and here on my assignment. I like the design and I especially think the links and information about ADDIE will be useful as I progress in the ID&T program.

Oregon State–I’ve included this blog simply because it’s one I think I’d feel confident commenting on. It’s a good design and the content is relevant.

Articulate–I believe this site may have been posted by a fellow student in EDUC6115 but I thought it worthy enough to include in my blog recommendations.   It’s well designed, informative and fun. I haven’t checked out the  “Rapid eLearning 101” yet but I’ll be doing that soon.


Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Darlene Loebel and this blog is initially an assignment for a course I’m taking at Walden University where I’m pursuing a Master’s in Instructional Design & Technology.  The initial assignment was for the EDUC6115 Learning Theories class but I suspect this will be a long term, ongoing assignment; as such I imagine the blogs I link to here will change as I mature in my understanding and knowledge of ID&T.

I look forward to your comments.