EIDT-6100-5 – Evaluation Document

Evaluation Plan

Team Member A

Evaluation Process

Aurora Business Consultants proposes a pre-test to determine the current knowledge level of each learner (marketing intern). The pre-test will include questions from each of the unit quizzes to ascertain current knowledge and skill levels. The questions will contain multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and one open-ended question. The open-ended question will gather information about the learner’s expectations.

As each learner proceeds through each unit they will encounter unit quizzes. These quizzes will be given online and contain multiple choice, fill in the blank, and a few true/false questions. The learner will also be given one open-ended question. This question will not be content based but rather used for to gain feedback from the learner on their experience as they worked through the unit. This will help to continue to improve the overall lessons and the objective each proposed to teach. In order to complete the unit and move onto the next unit module the learner must achieve correct answers to obtain a score of 80 or better. If this score is not achieved the learner will be able to work through the unit again and retake the quiz. Once a score of 80 or better is achieved the learner can then move to the next unit.

The results of the unit quizzes will then be aligned to the appropriate pre-test questions to identify the modules effectiveness. Open-ended responses to each quiz will be used to adjust, modify and improve the existing unit modules.

At the successful completion of the all the unit modules, the learner will be asked to complete an overall survey to ascertain the overall effectiveness of the module. Questions contained will be geared toward the learners overall experience. It will include questions relating to the flow of material, ease of use, overall effectiveness, etc. This data will then be used to further refine the module.

The pre-test, unit quizzes and post evaluation will be created utilizing some type of online survey tool such as Survey Monkey. It is recommended that a professional subscription to Survey Monkey be obtained. This will allow for access to additional data tools in order to further understand and synthesis the data gained. This will align nicely to the online delivery of the learning module. Each will be embedded into the module in order to establish a seamless flow for the learner.

Survey Monkey will also allow for the data to be extracted for use in other applications to include a database application, a spreadsheet application and various other tools that can be used to further analysis the data gleaned from the learner.



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