EDUC-6135 – Week 3 – Distance Learning Technologies – Application

Collaborative Training Environment

A new automated staff information system was recently purchased by a major corporation and needs to be implemented in six regional offices. Unfortunately, the staff is located throughout all the different offices and cannot meet at the same time or in the same location. As an instructional designer for the corporation, you have been charged with implementing a training workshop for these offices. As part of the training, you were advised how imperative it is that the staff members share information, in the form of screen captures and documents, and participate in ongoing collaboration.

To deliver the Collaborative Training Environment I would employ Power Point to record the presentation of the new automated staff information system, Microsoft Live Meeting, Cisco WebEx, Citrix GotoMeeting or other Web X (Boulton, 2009) to deliver the presentation live, and a Wiki for document sharing for screen shots and collaboration.

Web conferencing is “ideal for project reviews, employee training (especially for regulatory compliance), prospective employee interviews, contract negotiations, and keeping in touch with resources” (Heck, 2005, p. 23).

 “A wiki is a collection of Web pages that are linked to each other, and reflect the collaborative works of many authors” (Beldarrain, 2006, 142). “Wikis are designed to facilitate the exchange of information within and between teams. Their power comes from the fact that content can be updated without any real lag, administrative effort, or need for distribution; users simply visit and update a common Web site. Wikis can centralize all types of business data, such as spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint slides-anything that can be displayed in a browser. They can also embed various standard communications media such as E-mail and instant messaging…The functionality of a wiki is limited only by the programming skills of the person who implements and maintains it. (Goodnoe, 2005, p. 54)

Today’s workplace, as in the collaborative training environment scenario, requires that individuals create and collaborate within the constraints of time and place (Beldarrain, 2006, p. 150). Web conferencing and Wikis in combination provide the combination of tools that enables exactly this type collaboration.

“In a Web conference, each participant sits at their own computer and is connected to other participants thru Internet” (Boulton, 2009).

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